Mulch X-Press has a large selection of landscaping and building stone. Nothing dresses up a tired or boring landscape as easily as a new rock wall edging your beds or a pathway of beautiful graver. We supply rock and gravel that can be used for anything from rock gardens to drainage. Our rock experts will help you decide which rock or gravel will be best for your project. Rocks native to your area will look natural and will be the easiest to obtain. Large rocks with irregular shapes look interesting in the rock garden, but keep in mind that you’ll need smaller rocks, too.

For driveways, paths, parking areas, utility areas, weed and fire control and a variety of other uses, crushed rock can be an ideal solution. It’s durable, virtually maintenance free, reasonably priced, and available in a variety of colors and sizes for different applications. While just about any crushed rock can be used for just about any application, some rocks are better choices then others for certain uses. For example, some rock packs down better than others, making it a better choice for roads. Others are smooth and rounded, and while they don’t pack as well, they’re softer underfoot and may be a better choice for some walkways and dog runs. You’ll also find some regional differences as well – some areas may carry more river rock than others, or more lava rock or different grades and sizes of crushed rock.

Some of the more common rocks and their applications include River Rock. River rocks are rounded and smooth in appearance, with no sharp or pointed edges. Their rounded shape causes them to roll slightly underfoot and they don’t pack down hard against one another, but they drain water very well and are more attractive than some other types of crushed rock. Common size ranges, which indicate the average diameter of the rock, include 3/8 inch-1/2 inch, also called pea gravel; 1/2 inch-1 inch; and 1 1/2 inch-2 1/2 inch. Larger sizes are also available. Common uses include paths, landscaping, and drainage areas. River rock is also sometimes used for animal areas and driveways. Pea gravel is a common additive in decorative exposed aggregate concrete, and the larger river rock is common for use in septic drain fields.

Rocks and Gravel 1 Yard – P/U 1/2 Yard
1 1/2 River Rock Minus $72.00 $40.00
1 1/2 White Rock Minus $72.00 $40.00
3/8″ Pea Gravel $72.00 $40.00
2-4″ Bull Rock $72.00 $42.00
Crushed Granite $80.00 $45.00
Limestone Base $72.00 $40.00
Moss Rock $.15/lb
Flagstone Rock $.18/lb

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